Winter Style Book | 2020

To kick this year of blogs off I wanted to highlight my favorite winter outfits. All of these looks are cozy, cute and affordable.

Costco Clothing |Review & Haul

Recently, I have been obsessed with shopping the clothing section at Costco. The deals are unbelievable but what about the quality overtime?

Easy Curly Hair Hairstyles

As a member of the curly hair club I wanted to share with you five trendy hairstyles.

Vineyard Vines Target| Try On Haul & Advice

If you were having deja vu from Target’s Lily Pulitzer collab and puzzled as to why they would still fall short on offering a proper sock order to fit the demand here is why.

Swimwear 2019 |Trends Cheap VS. Expensive

When clothing is more expensive it does not mean that it is higher quality. Some of these dups are better then their counter parts so keep that in mind when shopping this season. 

Gym Shark First Impressions | Spring Haul

After watching a couple of review videos online for the brand Gym Shark it seemed to be a bad idea to try as most of them harped on the fact that most of their items were not squat proof and were prone to camel toe

Swimsuits per Body Type

The key to feeling and looking confident in a swimsuit is knowing what body type you have and wearing a suit that excentuates it.  

Avengers Endgame Premiere Lookbook

What a bitter sweet weekend coming up, augh!! The very last Avengers movie, I can not honestly believe the series will be over.

Outfit of the Week

While I purchased this overall dress as a costume from ASOS with the anticipation that I would wear it more than just that one day, it has become my favorite this season.

Practically Stylish & Playful | Lookbook

Staying creative is more of a release that I need in order to function, at least that is how it feels. For my first major sewing project since graduation I wanted to make something fun.

Accessories Trends | Spring / Summer 2019

Fitting in goes against fashion as it should be a unique personal thing that varies from person to person. Your style gives people a personal glimpse of your personality, likes and dislikes without even uttering a word to them.  

Does Makeup Expire?

Simply put yes, it absolutely does. Similar to certain food products makeup has a sell by date rather than a strict expiration date. No, there are no rules or regulations that require beauty brands to place a physical deadline on their products.

Disney Lookbook | Fan Girl

It is no secret that I love the famous ninety year old mouse named Mickey. Since I have added a couple new Disney pieces to my wardrobe I thought why not do a Disney inspired lookbook.

Beanie Hairstyles | Natural & Easy

In the chilly California winter months I find myself more often than not reaching for a beanie. On these days I do not want to fuse with my hair or have that lingering burnt smell of fried hair.

Valentine Look Book | 2019

Pink and red everything hearts and candy galore. Who else is excited for all of the Hallmark holiday lovey dove movie specials? Valentines day is such a versatile holiday depending on your mindset. At

Disney Unboxing + Mini Haul

Eep today I made my first one and I want to share with you all first of course. See what I got as well as what went wrong…

Sparkle Again| Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry can be tricky to figure out how to clean which is why I am sharing with you my secret of choice. This product is extremely versatile which is why it is my go to.

New Year New Me | Fitness Lookbook

Ever year the gym fills up for January and slowly empties out again. Like the ocean people keep following the tide in and out of fitness. I encourage you to take off the pressure and just do it.

Peel Off Face Mask Review | Bliss

For those of you that have seen my what I got for Christmas post/ video, you saw this product that I received for Christmas. I told you in the video that I wanted to do a review on it and I finally did!

Rainy Day Movie Line Up & Lookbook

The last couple of weeks it has been stormy out which means it is the perfect weather to curl up next to the fire, pop some popcorn, and watch the best movies.

Rainy Weather Essentials | 2019

Happy rainy season! In California the skies are grey and rain drops are frequently falling on my head. ha. It is a new year filled with new styles the first one I want to discuss is of course essentials for this years rain season.

What I got for Christmas | 2018

After watching a bunch of these types of videos on youtube, as I do every year, I decided to make one myself.

Christmas Party Lookbook

Previously I talked about how Thanksgiving is the warmup for Christmas style wise, which is why every look in this look book includes heels. Comment down below if you also dress fancy for Christmas party festivities.

Winter Sweaters | Look book 2018

Reindeer, Santa and of course bears oh my. Ha. Over here in California it does get a bit chilly but not compared to most places so wether you live in a snowy place (so jealous) or a warmer place there is a look for you.

Gift Guide | for Him

If the men in your life are anything like the men in mine, they tend to believe saying they need nothing or do not care is helpful. It drives me mad. You have to listen carefully to figure out a slight hint as to what they may want.

Loungewear |Gift Guide

oday’s gift guide focuses on the homebody who loves to keep it cozy on a winters rainy or dare I say snowy day?

Black Friday Haul

I know it’s a bit late but I still wanted to share with you what deals I picked up both in store and online this weekend. Find out what impulse buy I splurged on too. ha.

Thanksgiving Look Book | Style Guide

Thanksgiving is versatile as some people dress fancy and others keep it casual. After all we are all just sitting around at the kitchen table with the purpose of showing gratitude. Whether you enjoy dress up or not this look book covers various styles.

Fitness Lover |Gift Guide

To start off my first gift guide I am focusing on the fitness lover in your life. From stocking stuffers to larger items I’ve got you covered.

Flexible Style Sculpting Foam | Paul Mitchell Review

I feel as if curly hair is the ultimate test for a frizz control product to go through, which is why I am testing out this one for you. Online Paul Mitchell’s Flexible Style Sculpting Foam has raving reviews, so of course I had to pick it up and give it a try.

Fall Favorites | Purse Edition

Prior to skipping out with this purse I had never experienced the backpack purse. It was my twenty second birthday, my mom and boyfriend had taken me shopping where I found the prettiest fall booties. The sales lady asked if I would like to received a purse at a discounted rate for purchasing the booties.

Favorite Fall Dress | Fashion

Although I own a lot of dresses this one has been receiving the most love since I purchased it. California and fall sometimes go together well, this year it has been so dry. It is November and we still have yet to have a rainy day. ugh! I love fall so I feel a little cheated.

Ralph Breaks the Internet | Halloween Costumes

Since the first trailer came out for Ralph Breaks the Internet I have been hooked and rather excited for it to come out in theaters. I’ve seen the trailer with the game Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake so many times!

DIY Mermaid Costume | Halloween

Still don’t have a costume picked out? Don’t worry,  here is yet another easy diy costume to inspire you! For those lovelies out there who love to go under the sea. ha.

Halloween Costume Ideas | Work

Since halloween is on a Wednesday this post is focused on not only last minute ideas but also inspiration for work appropriate costumes. Suggestions on how to make costumes work appropriate are also included for the not so typical options.

DIY Shark Costume & Makeup Tutorial

EEEP! Today I have exciting news, the first official Halloween costume of the season in a d.i.y. To make things easier your girl made a youtube video to guide you step by step to making this sassy beast costume.

Sass in Red | Fashion

This red lil sassy jacket is by the brand KUT from the kloth. It is mocks the feel of suede but is vegan obviously.

Button Up Fall Weekend – Lookbook

We drove up to the hills for a day trip to explore, taste test and shop at small businesses. My absolute favorite shirt of the season so far is this non traditional button up.

Fall Boot Collection

See what my go to brand is for boots, as well as a range of styles. Find out how I style knee high, mid length (combat boots) and ankle boots for the fall season.

Boyfriend Picks: Wedding Outfit

I challenge you to figure out which outfit my boyfriend picked for me to wear to a wedding. Will you get it right?

How to: Love YOUR Hair

Straighteners and curlers make it possible for anyone to alter there hair, but can you honestly say you love YOUR hair.

Review: Color Street Nails

While I have tried nail strips or as I call them nail stickers before these ones are advertised as being 100% REAL nail polish, so I was curious as to if Color Street nails were overall higher quality than competing brands.

Birthday Outfit

Lately I have been inspired by Kelsea Ballerini’s style, love her, for a country chic look.

The Dream: White Yoga Pants

Spring til summer white yoga pants are always on trend. Crisp, clean, and an overall fitness girls dream to pull off the famous white yoga pants.

MeUndies Review: Sharks

Anyone that knows me, knows sharks are my favorite animal, which is why I had to share some love for MeUndies for arriving just in time to celebrate my birth month.

How to: Style Velcro Shoes

…worn by Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner to name a few. Spring 2018 the trend made its debut on the runways.

So… what now: End of Work Season

These last few days were exciting yet terrifying all at the same time. What now? Ha.Ever stood in a public place, seen someone you know, and it’s been a few years. You take a second to decide if you’re going to take on the moment or actively avoid them until one of you leaves.

RVCA: First Thoughts

As this is the first time I have ever purchased anything from this brand I decided to do a small review on my thoughts as a consumer. 

Getting into Character

The wait is finally over, the second Incredibles movie is out! Lets be honest the second movie for most shows never feels as good as the first. However,

DetraPel Review

Then the little voice in the back of my mind goes through a checklist of the days activities to protect the innocence of those beautiful white sexy chucks.

Summer Accessories

Throw on some shades to jump into your favorite movie script, instant attitude change. Accessorizing is fun it’s more than just putting together a “cute” look.

Shopping Tips

Like many fashionistas out there, I enjoy shopping. My bank account on the other hand does not.

The Truth Behind Sizing

Ever wonder why you are never the same size across all clothing brands?

Hot Weather Makeup

It’s that awkward time of the year where some days are chilly and the next day is blindingly sweaty and icky. These hot days have been wreaking havoc on my skin.

Freeman Clay Mask Review

To do a little self treat, I decided why not try something new, a clay mask to help me feel a little better.

5 Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

A classic pair of denim jeans with the right pieces creates a causal comfy look all the way to a look suited for a fun night out on the town.

Classic Pieces

In anticipation for spring cleaning, it is time to show some love to my classic staple pieces in my wardrobe that are continually being abused season after season.

OOTW: First week of Spring 2018 College

Spring 2018 has been deemed the semester of new experiences. The challenging part of new experiences is the unknown, especially when it comes to dress code and skill.

Invisibobble Review

Curly hair is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Blow drying causes frizz and damage. Wet hair left down is annoying but regular hair ties end up soaked causing