Bizond Clothing Steamer | Review

If you are a true diva fashionista you check the tag prior to purchase to receive the full run down. One of the most important factors of course is the materials and care instructions. Does the dreaded word iron appear or not? While I attempt to stay away from fabrics that are prone to wrinkling, it seems as if there are always a couple of pieces that wrinkle up from time to time. If you are anything like me and dread dragging out the iron and ironing board, it is time to make a change.

The main reason I sought out a steamer was to press my “studio” background more efficiently. This little beauty is amazing yet so small. Simple to use and so much faster than dropping over the huge fabric and rotating it across a traditional ironing board. No more running late to work or ditching your favorite outfit due to some wrinkles. The Bizond heats up almost instantly and is ready to go. Feeling skeptical? I would be too which is why I want you to see it in real time for yourself, watch the video below.

Do you hate ironing?

— xoxo Faith

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