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Since it has been awhile since my last style file or what I wore this week this seemed to be the perfect time. The weather around this neck of the woods in California has been a bit chilly with foggy rainy mornings and sunny afternoons. For a reference, it has been around 57-65 degrees Fahrenheit here. Considering the fact that it is required to wear closed toed shoes in the office I rarely wear heels unless they are boots. That being said I still uphold a semi relaxed formal attire. All of these looks include soft, warm yet breathable material to provide all day comfort.

Professional Ties

Material: Think giant sweatshirt dress yet more professional.



Zippy Peppy

Material: Knit convertible sweater to keep it breathable and even go from day to night if you fancy.



Jumping in Friday

Material: Light flannel with a playful pattern.




Which outfit is your favorite ?

XOXO Faith

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