Remedy for Chapped Lips

wp-1529556135133..jpgSummer and winter are the two seasons that attack our lips, leaving them prone to cracking and being constantly dry. For years my go to has been Burt’s Bees. These products are 100% natural with Vitamin E as well as other oils that are good for your skin. While I enjoy using Burt’s Bees it is not my favorite for aiding chapped lips, simply because it often burns my lips if they are cracked already. On a daily basis Burt’s Bees does prevent your lips from becoming chapped, keeping them healthy. As many people do, I forget sometimes to apply chapstick to my lips until it is too late.


Currently been aiding my lips for about two days now and they are almost healed. I’ve also been using Kiehl’s Lip Balm for times when my lips are in bad shape. Kiehl also uses Vitamin E with Aloe to soothe them. After a couple of days my lips are back to being healthy.

Comment Below which you prefer? Kiehl's or Burt's Bees?

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