Crafty Tips

Christmas Budget

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year but they can also wear out your credit card. Don’t want to be greeted with a bill in the new year? Follow my guide to holiday shopping.

Birthday Freebies + Haul

For my birthday haul this year I have collected even more freebie information for you guys to bank on for your birthday as well as a collective haul of what I received from friends and family.

Purchasing a Used Car 101

It has become a confidence booster and to be honest fun to take charge of my exploration on vehicles. You should feel empowered to make this large purchase and not put your trust in the seller.It has become a confidence booster and to be honest fun to take charge of my exploration on vehicles. You should feel empowered to make this large purchase and not put your trust in the seller.

Easter Basket | Gift Ideas

When we were little we used to get Easter Baskets galore with large stuffed animals, you know the ones from Costco. It used to be so much fun open them up, play with new toys and such in the afternoon after Easter Sunday service.

The Happy List |2019

Mental health is one of those things that will forever be at the forefront. It can consume, cripple, or motivate you. While it is starting to become normalized these days or should I say many people are attempting to.

Healthy Snacks | Easy

Companies use complicated verbiage to confuse you. Did you know there are more than three terms used to identify regular sugar on a standard ingredient list?

Valentine’s Day Haul | Gift Ideas

Lets be honest this day is full of high exceptions where things normally do not go according to plan or well thought. To make the blog more interesting I also included a haul of everything I received.

Be My, Be My Valentine | Date Ideas

It’s that time again, Valentines Day… ugh! Anyone else with me? It feels like no matter what it is never good enough on this day. I feel as if Valentines day does more harm than good but from one romantic to another here are my romantic date ideas.

Goal Progress Tracker |Free Printable

For the last post for January of this new year, 2019 I wanted to check in with you all. How are you doing with those resolutions? Let me know in the comments what they are and how the first month went.

Four Party Games | Family Friendly

I wanted to try something different that required everyone to put down their electronics and make memories together face to face. Finding games that everyone can play no matter their age can be a little tricky but possible.

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas |Christmas

Normally I end up drawing on a couple of brown paper packages which is why this year I wanted to change it up.

Facing Anxiety | Winter Vacation

A few months ago I received an opportunity in which I would normally say no to. Tired of saying no I said yes. It was a trip to Nevada with my best friend for his work.

Secret Santa Questionnaire | Free Printable

Why not show people how grateful you are for them by putting together a secret Santa questionnaire. This will make things easier for others and yourself since people will not be back together until Christmas. 

Wellness Kit | Flu Season

Although I love the holiday season it unfortunately coincides with the dreaded flu season. Whether it’s a cold or a full blown flu, someone you know will come in contact with it. Show a bit of love by crafting together a wellness kit to help not only prepare but also protect your friends and loved ones from germs. 

Fall Bucket List for Fashionistas

A fall list for fashion lovers to check off. Print out the free bucket list, gain free patterns, and even a recipe.

Day in the Life: Fashion Blog Newbie

Find out what I do behind the scenes on a day to day basis. For a little treat I’ve even included my workout routine from today.

Free Cardio Dance Workout

Figuring out how to fit in a workout can be tricky, as well as finding an activity you do not dread to do.

Birthday Adventures & Freebies

Jumping into 24, has been an adventure. From flowers, makeovers to wild bears, see how I celebrated my birth week.

Get Bendy: Review

While I’ve owned Get Bendy for a couple of years now, I recently committed to set aside time for myself to stretch

Health Reset Challenge

As a fashion/ lifestyle blogger focusing on the full circle of health is extremely important. Mental health affects the fashion, beauty and physical aspects of our life.

Things to Do- Summer Edition

Escape the heat with these fun ideas of things to do. Indoor and outdoor adventures for all ages. Do not waste the rest of summer complaining that you’re bored.

Lavender Festival

To start off the summer I headed to a festival with a couple of people. It was a first time experience, the lavender festival is something I would consider exploring for a second time.

Travel Bag Essentials

I cover not only the standard basic essentials for your purse but also the items people tend to forget. It’s hard to remember what you’re missing until you need it.

Road Trip: Car Essentials

You’ve packed your suitcase but have you thought about what to pack for the car?

Adventure with Ease

Download the app in time for spring break to take the stress away from remembering where the car is after the night has ended. 

Memory Lifeline 

This little guy takes away the constant headache of having an android and a MacBook.

“Me Time” Fitness

It is important to remember to take time for yourself no matter how daunting your checklist is. I fall prey to this easily and pay for it every time.

Ways to Treat your Valentine

Do not be that boring cookie cutter person who brings roses and plans a reservation for two (unless that’s what they asked for or really enjoy).

Treat Yourself

Whatever your kryptonite, here are some ways to destress without breaking the bank

Surprise Package

Plan a surprise for your best friend, sister, mister, parents or anyone who you want to know how much they mean to you.

Decluttering in the New Year

Holiday hustle is starting to wind down, the ball has dropped to ring in a new season. Now is the time to make a clean slate, starting with your closet.


Step into the season, a time of newness…
**Advice on how to accomplish New Years goals.