Outfit of the Week




While I purchased this overall dress as a costume from ASOS with the anticipation that I would wear it more than just that one day, it has become my favorite this season. It’s cute, comfortable, and practical, ladies all of the pockets are real, need I say more? The burgundy is great for winter, fall and spring. Summer does not appear to be a great option since the material is a bit thick.

A simple long sleeve, short sleeve or barrette pair well together. Now that it is spring and starting to warm up to the mid to high seventies here in California a white Chuck Taylor finishes off the look. The white brightens up the look since the overall dress itself is rather dark. Plus, I am a converse addict, if you want to see my converse collection or my entire shoe collection let me know in the comments.

Accessories are kept to a minimum as that is my personal preference. A wrist watch, maybe a ring, and that’s about it for me. Whenever my neckline is overly exposed I will wear a necklace however when it isn’t I find that my dainty pieces get lost. A long necklace would appear out of place with this look too.

What is one thing you are loving in your closet lately?

XOXO Faith

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