Summer Accessories


Keep those annoying fly aways out of my face whist giving a little pep to my step. Throw my hair in a bun when it gets humid and I honestly wish in that moment I had no hair type of situation. In California it gets hot, not Arizona or Mexico hot but still. Triple digit do not touch me unless I’m dying kind of weather.

Bandana Tie: One Directions Stadium Concert

Dumbos Golden Feather Clip: Wish App

Gold Bobbi Pins: Target

Invisibobals: Coca Scented, Nordstrom


Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you dress/ accessorize differently than normal? It’s as if you never truly grow out of playing dress up. Throw on some shades to jump into your favorite movie script, instant attitude change. Accessorizing is fun it’s more than just putting together a “cute” look. Dress to impress, for comfort, or to even pump a dose of confidence through your veins.

Sunglasses: Target

Triangle Earrings: Victoria Secret

Leather Bracelets: Disneyland

Gold Bracelet: Victoria Secret

Knot Necklace: Madewell

 How does the way you dress make you feel?





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