Hot Weather Makeup

It’s that awkward time of the year where some days are chilly and the next day is blindingly sweaty and icky. These hot days have been wreaking havoc on my skin. Makeup should be catered to the season, in order to keep your skin in check which makes this time of year the worst.

UV- Ray Protection

.Right to Left. This is the order I use them #1 Boscia moisturizer- SPF 30, for dry skin, or #1Coppertone- SPF 30 standard sunscreen that is made for the face, neck, and arms, #2 Too Faced Eye Primer- no SPF but alongside #3  Nars. I use Nars are a color corrector for my dark circles.
#4 Eve Pearl- shade light dual Foundation NO SPF. Excellent coverage, feels as if you are not wearing makeup, and does not have that melting off effect as some foundations do after spending the day outside in the heat.

Summer makeup should include at the minimum UV-ray protection. Do not assume all primers or foundations are created equally, brands are not required to have spf in them. A quick assessment of your daily summer activities is the first place to start. How long are you outside in the sun on average? In the summer I work mostly indoors, however, my commute to work is upwards of an hour on average. My routine must include a sunscreen for my arms, neck and face as they are in direct sunlight while driving.

Sunscreen: A closer look

I pictured Coppertone sunscreen and have used it as well as numerous types of sunscreen, however, I have recently found out that many of them are not reef safe. Harmful ingredients to look out for that are known to cause coral bleaching are Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4MBC) click here to Learn More! One brand that promotes being reef safe is Badger which can be found at Target. Check the ingredients of your sunscreen, is it reef safe?

Badger Sport Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Face Stick - SPF 35 - .65oz - image 1 of 1



Summer is hot, which makes all skin types dry and especially our lips. Mine always seem to be cracking during this time of the year. To protect my lips I choose Burts Bees which has multiple variations for different needs. They also have a line of tinted colors to choose from. A hydrator setting spray is a must for any season especially summer! Urban Decay’s setting spray (pictured in future photo) is my go to for setting my makeup, it is always refreshing. There are also hydrating water sprays like this for your face for a refreshing feeling, however, I do not have any experience using them.

Optional Products

Normally I will curl my eyelashes (by normally I mean recently because I just started using an eye lash curler ha) and use mascara for a finished look. During the summer I tend to stay away from eyeshadow on the average day and save it for special nights out.

Comment down below,

What your favorite products are to use in the summer?


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