New Year New Me | Fitness Lookbook

Ever year the gym fills up for January and slowly empties out again. Like the ocean, people keep following the tide in and out of fitness. I encourage you to take off the pressure and just do it. This has been a struggle for me too the past couple of years. I was hesitant to even take photos in fitness wear due to the fact that I believed I needed to look like a fitness model. Yes, I am unhappy with my body but I am happy of all the things it allows me to do. That being said I need to treat my body with the respect and love it deserves inside and out. I urge you to do the same plus a little retail therapy never hurts. ha.

Taming the Beast




The skin tight shirt that shows literally everything but feels so nice in the winter. ha. This one is my favorite from Victoria Secret as it is not a mock turtle neck or turtle neck at all.  Plus it has the thumb holes. I have a weird neckline thing where I cannot stand shirts that go up too high. Let me know what weird clothing preferences you have in the comments or if you have none. Leggings are also by Victoria Secret Pink.


Jumping the Wave





Cropped sweater is a size large from Abercrombie, I didn’t want it to be cropped so I sized it up. Leggings are new from Lorna Jane, size small. I would recommend sizing up. However, the struggle was real trying to get a pair of these so I will be wearing them more once I trim down a bit, instead of trying to exchange them. ha.

Colors of the Sea


Sometimes wearing bright colors to the gym make me feel happier. My gym clothes are literally the brightest part of my wardrobe. Pink athletic jacket is from Abercrombie. Bruce shirt and Ariel leggings are from the Disney store. This is a more playful outfit to put you in the mood to workout.

Wear what makes you feel more confident, everyone who is in the gym is there to work on themselves. You do not need to leave the sass at home ladies, pump up your gym clothes.

~Love Faith

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