Look Book- 1st week of work

Day #1 Wednesday

Day #1: This day was pretty cool yet I did not expect to wear my sweatshirt all day. Since the place I work at blasts the AC it worked out well. Crew Neck sweatshirt- Sharky’s in Monterey … Jeans- Articles of Society … Chuck Taylor II low tops.

Day #2 Thursday

Day #2: This was my work and lunch party outfit, it was significantly hotter this day. Army Jacket- Nordstrom … Black Shirt Dress- Target … Converse I … Necklace- Madewell … Bracelet- Disneyland CA

Day #3 Friday

Day #3: Shirt- Maui and Sons … Plaid pink button up- Abercrombie&Fitch … Zippered Pants-Express … Boots- Steve Madden


This is the back of the Maui and Sons shirt. This is actually a guys shirt, however, I fell in love with the design on the back. Sharks are my favorite animal so I have quite a few pieces with them on it.

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