Favorite Fall Dress | Fashion

Although I own a lot of dresses this one has been receiving the most love since I purchased it. California and fall sometimes go together well, this year it has been so dry. It is November and we still have yet to have a rainy day. Ugh! I love fall so I feel a little cheated. Since this dress has about two inch straps it is perfect for this odd weather, however, it can be layered in multiple ways if it ever gets to fall weather here.


If you are so lucky as to have actual fall weather you can pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath and tights. Lets talk about some of my favorite features this dress has, not only is it a classic plaid, it has a unique center front zipper that provides a dash of sass. Not enough for you? The dress has two side seam pockets! Yes, real phone holding pockets!! Not the ones that you can barely stick a piece of gum in.



Head over to Abercrombie to snatch yours before they are gone. Don’t like plaid no problem, it comes in four styles! Styles include black, dark grey plaid (shown), light grey plaid, and chambray. The chambray style appears to look like a denim dress.

As if you need more enticing it also happens to be on sale for only $39, it was $68! Click here to shop this zip front dress.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. I paid for this dress with my own money.

Side Note

This is my first location photoshoot for a post, what do you guys think? Do you prefer the white background or out at a location? 

Comment Down below, if you love pockets too. (:


Until next time,


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