Disney Unboxing + Mini Haul

Who else loves unboxing and haul videos, especially fashion ones? Eep, today I made my first one and I want to share with you all first of course. Although I have been publishing youtube videos lately I am planning on using them more as a tool to get to know you all better here on the blog. That being said, here on the blog I will be sharing more than on youtube in order to provide a V.I.P. level of experience here for my fellow sassy subscribers.

In Store – Retail Shopping

After collecting all the gift cards and coupons from Christmas I asked Jess to go on a shopping splurge with me. We went to the mall, walked around for hours yet we did not buy a thing. The one store Jess wanted to visit was REI so after the mall we headed there. He was a bit miffed to visit the mall for nothing as it is not even close to being up the street from us. I did however purchase a bralette from prAna in REI. Unbelievably soft and comfy perfect for yoga or closed door dance sessions in my room.

BoxLunch Deets

Since I has $45 of coupons from Jess’ Christmas gift I decided to look online for the shirt they did not sell in the mall, the Merida one. This is when I realized that in order to use all three coupons which add up to $45 I had to purchase more items. Three ended up being the magic number. I also had a gift card from box lunch and a visa gift card which means I did not have to tap into my own money. Although this unboxing did not go according to plan, as you will see in the video it did make some funny content to edit.

Let me know if you have ever opened a box and been disappointed that it was not what you thought it was...


Mini Haul Items

Other items I show in the haul I did not use any of my money for specifically. It is a lie to say the Beats were free as I had to make an initial purchase in order to receive them for “free”. Two years later I finally decided to open them, about time. The socks and dinosaur key chain were random gifts from loved ones, my sister loves to feed my dinosaur obsession.




I hope you all enjoyed this little haul,


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