Birthday Outfit

Birthday’s are a core dress up day, at least for me. I’ll be honest I can be a bit extra, especially on my birthday. Lately I have been inspired by Kelsea Ballerini’s style, love her, for a country chic look.

One thing I had been eyeing for awhile is some stylish booties with a bit of height. After some happy dancing upon opening these beauties I knew they would perfectly complement the look I wanted. They are the Ugg Annie Bootie in the color chestnut leather.

The white with black polka dot petticoat skirt, is my favorite as it is pretty poofy with a bit of a 50’s vibe. Although the skirt is actually a two part prom set, here is a similar two piece set. If you are looking for a similar skirt, wait until prom season, as it is still summer they are not popular at this time. I did not wear the matching crop as it would be way too much for the type of activities I was doing, it is all sequin. However, no I did not save the set from one of my own proms, it was actually a set I picked up for an event I was attending.

My black short sleeve crop top is from Nordstrom’s BP brand. A bit of a fashionista tip, size up your crop top to prevent it from being see through, showing midriff and being too tight. One of my fashion pet peeves is seeing the outline of someone’s bra with their shirt, it appears practically see through. Similar style crop top.

Tiaras have been a must for my birthday, as I figure why not, if it gives me an extra pep in my step. Mine is from a shop in Disneyland, it is a metal tiara with two holes on each side to attach it with bobby pins. Other accessories not included are mock diamond earrings and a silver studded Fossil watch.

Do you prefer to dress up for your birthday?

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