Winter Sweaters | Look book 2018

We are in the final stretch people! Only two weeks until Christmas, so I wanted to share with you my favorite sweaters for the season. Reindeer, Santa and of course bears oh my. Ha. Over here in California it does get a bit chilly but not compared to most places so whether you live in a snowy place (so jealous) or a warmer place there is a look for you.

Festive Max Out


Do any of you actually own an ugly Christmas sweater ? I’ve never understood their fascination outside of the laughs spotting them at the store. Some people think this is an ugly sweater just because it lights up, but I think it’s cute. Let me know in the comments what you think? Cute or Ugly?

No worries guys this sweater allows you to wash it, simply disconnect the light switch before throwing it in the washing machine, hang to dry. The back of the sweater has red with white stripes to keep it fun. I found this sweater and the tacky string light leggings at Macys. It is a bit much I know, but it is part of the fun this time of the year especially for a Christmas party.


Classically Cozy 


Can we take a minute for this sweater’s simplicity and the genius who added a longer ribbon so you can actually zip it by yourself. It zips all the way down the back making it versatile for pants and skirts, sassy or sweet too. Hinge makes beautiful high quality sweaters, found at Nordstrom. I believe these reindeer pants were from Windsor they are fleece lined to keep you cozy. I love that they are grey to prevent it from overpowering the look.


Moosie Christmas


Although this is not a sweater but a cardigan, I included it since it is winter/Christmas themed. This beauty is from Abercrombie as well as the plaid dress. This cardigan is so soft it will keep you warm throughout the chilly winter nights. The moose details are classic Abercrombie yet so perfect from winter. To max out on perfection it has two lined pockets to finish out the cardigan are two loops to close it with two wooden toggles. Booties are by Ugg from Nordstrom.


Un-bear-ibly Sassy


Another lovely sweater from Abercrombie with a cute bear in a sweater with antlers. I love the feel as well as the sleeve details that step this sweater up to the next level. This one will keep you warm all winter long, perfect for snowy places. To keep it California weather proof pair it with a skirt.



What is your go to brand for sweaters?

If you could not already tell, Abercrombie is my favorite place to shop for winter sweaters with Nordstrom and Macys right behind them. ha.

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