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Staying creative is more of a release that I need in order to function, at least that is how it feels. For my first major sewing project since graduation I wanted to make something fun. From university I have collected a small array of material, which included this fun glow in the dark monsters print. Yes, I did use a pattern to ease back in, if you would like to know the exact number let me know.

My initial intentions were to create a nightgown, however it ended up being pretty versatile. At first place it may appear boring as it’s natural shape is similar to a classic moo moo. ha. In order to create a shape I played with various belts, jackets, and other accessories to truly alter it.

Using a wide belt forms a more fitting look compared to a slimmer one which makes a comfortable somewhat form fitting look, but not as dramatic. Adding a leather jacket for an edgy morning or evening outfit can completely change the feel of the dress. Whenever you have a bold piece in any outfit it is best to pair it with solids to balance out the look. Since the main color in this dress is black, a pair of white Converse is perfect for a playful yet stylish look. To dress it up add a basic heel and handbag with simple jewelry to finish it off.





Which one is your favorite?

–xoxo Faith

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