D.I.Y. Projects

Unpaper Towels: DIY

Yes, you can buy fancy linens or official unpaper towels from Etsy shop owners and alike cites, however, they can be pricey. For a fraction of the cost you can create your own before the online shops would be able to ship theirs to you, they are that easy to make.

Buttons & Hook and eye Closures | Beginner

Learn how to fix a broken button on your pants with tips I learned from fashion school. This tutorial is for beginner level sewers, it’s easier than you think.

Reusable Duster | Easy DIY

Eco friendly products have been around for a while and still I have yet to try any. Similar to other popular items there always seems to be a settle label “tax”.

Tool Roll DIY | Easy

No matter if you make this for dad or for yourself it is very affordable.

5 Fitness Cleaning Hacks| D.I.Y.

No, I rarely if ever used a gym available yoga mat. At least the mats at university for classes where cleaned after ever class.

How to: Edit Instagram Photos

If you are just starting out with editing photos on instagram these tips will help you create cleaner, brighter and more cohesive images for your specific theme.

Behind the Scenes | Equipment

Find out what cameras, lighting equipment and literally every equipment that I have tried. Get the full inside scoop on my review of each of these products too.

Pumpkin Painting | Tips & Tricks

Different types of pumpkins, how to pick the right one as well as inspiration for painting your pumpkin.

D.I.Y. Headband

Ever looked for a headband that was 100% you but never found one? Learn how to create your own.

Apple Pencil Review

As an artist, sketching, doodling and so on are a huge part of my creative expression outlet. Click to see my thoughts on the Apple Pencil.

Vegan Desserts

Here are some of my go to sweets… dairy free & vegan

Bunny Bread Recipe

Follow the recipe linked to create this cute and delicious treat. Bunny cinnamon bread!

D.I.Y. Doodle Folder

This d.i.y. doodle folder works for old marked folders as well as new ones looking for a bit of creative freedom. Doodle during class or simply write the name of each course on each one.