RVCA: First Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail containing two dresses from RVCA. As this is the first time I have ever purchased anything from this brand I decided to do a small review on my thoughts as a consumer.

Nordstrom was the first place I saw the brand, when looking in the men’s section for my boyfriend. The items were quality, but also a pretty penny. Recently, I was browsing online and decided to check out their website where I fell in love with the button up shark fin dress. Unfortunately, the dress fit a bit oddly so it was returned. It was as if I was too big in the waist, not big enough in the chest and so on.


The dress I actually decided to keep was a surprise that my mother had picked out. It is a simple yet fun swing dress. A plain tank top look to the front and a low cut criss cross design in the back. I have been pairing the dress with this tropical bralette from Pink to take full advantage of the open back concept. As if the back was not enough to pull me in, it has pockets. Yes, pockets, can we just talk about the fact that if a dress or anything has pockets it automatically points my lips to a grin.

Let’s talk quality of fashionista for a moment. The material is springy, not clingy but a bit on the heavy side for a summer dress. While pockets are a plus, the material of the pockets do not have me putting my full trust in them as my phone will pull the dress downward. This causes me to be a bit concerned for the durability of the garment if I were to use the pockets heavily. That being said, being able to carry some gum, mints, or some cash is no problem.

After washing the dress it still looks and feels brand new. I have not put it in the dryer as I spoke to someone in the chatroom on their website and they advised against it. Overall I would definitely indulge more in this brand. At about $45  it is rather affordable for the quality and design.

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