How to: Sell your Old Clothes

Did you know the average person only utilizes twenty percent of their closet? Take a moment to analyze your own closet, how many pieces have been pushed to the deep dark crevices in your closet? Are there items you purchased but never actually wore apart from trying them on once? Unfortunately, there are a few of mine which I did not feel confident in but kept with the intention that one day I would. It’s a trap for some and a good motivator for others. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I’m sure there are a few items laying around that you are willing to get rid of so why not sell them to regain a portion of your money back. I used to think the only people that were successful selling their used clothes were those who had a large following online but honestly there is a buyer out there for everything.

So which platform will give you have a higher success and ease of use, well it varies by the item. For example, collectables sell better on Mercari, but the shipping may be cheaper for the item on Poshmark if the item is over one pound. This is when you would evaluate if you are willing to pay for shipping to attract a buyer faster at a higher price point on Mercari or wait for a buyer on Poshmark with the lower shipping rate. Below is a visual tour through both platforms to see which one is best for you. I’ve also created a cheat sheet to showcase my process of listing different types of items to attract buyers faster. 


Under One Pound

Limited Edition Items


Kids Toys


Over one Pound

Under five pounds



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