Thanksgiving Look Book | Style Guide

The holiday season is finally here or should I say already here? ha. I feel as if these last couple of months have flown by. Thanksgiving is versatile as some people dress fancy and others keep it casual. After all we are all just sitting around at the kitchen table with the purpose of showing gratitude. Whether you enjoy dress up or not this look book covers various styles.

Casual Cutie

This one is perfect for grandmother’s house.
Comfortable, stylish and practical all in one.

Treasure & Bond Boyfriend Shirt | Nordstrom
New to my collection of plaid shirts, this boyfriend style covers to bum to prevent any visible panty lines is any tight. It can be styled with tights as shown or worn as a dress if you size up. I am wearing a small. It is made of a blend of rayon and acrylic which is why it is so soft and has such vibrant colors. A bit pricy at $69.00 but it is a piece you will be able to wear year after year since it is a timeless plaid. 

Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight | Athleta
Literally my favorite tights. Not only do they look incredibly sassy they have so many pockets. Full pockets, not those cutesy fake ones designers keep putting on women’s clothing. Two rear pockets, two side pockets and two thigh pockets all with zipper closures to secure all your items. The two toned panels offer style without being that annoying mesh material. These are advertised as athleisure rather than workout tights but use your own judgement. High quality fabric that stretches to add even more comfort too. I am wearing a size four. While a bit pricy at $108.00 they are definitely worth every penny to add to your collection.

Keeping it casual does not mean that you cannot accessorize. Add a classic wrist watch and a delicate necklace to create a thoughtful put together look. 

To finish off the look I am wearing the Chuck Taylor II’s in white. Do not ruin an outfit with the classic black, try white; they are easier to keep clean than you think. Having trouble believing me, check out my blog post on how I take care of mine, they are a year old now. 

Miss Prep



Whenever I travel to family for the holidays I skip the tiny purse and opt for a backpack to carry all the essentials. Fuzzy slippers, games, and the usual. It makes it easier to carry in dishes to the party as well as my stuff. ha. This look is easy to replicate with items from your closet.

Starting from the top this sheep sweater was a Macy’s find for about $20, I dressed it up by pairing it with one of my button up summer dresses from Abercrombie. Leave the bottom of the dress unbuttoned so that it looks more like a long shirt. Instead of wearing black I opted for a pair of burgundy leggings to be a little more festive. Pair it with some combat boots to finished off the look, these are from Steve Madden.

Sass in Stripes



Cord Overall Dress in Oxblood | ASOS
Semi dressed up for a day with the family or meeting the parents. Keep comfortable with this overall dress complete with real pockets that will fit a smart photo without it peeping out at the top. Two rear pockets and three pockets on the chest. I am wearing a UK size 10 in regular, shown. Originally I ordered a petite size but it was too short to me at only 5′ 2″.  I sized up in order to pair it with sweaters so sizing really depends on how you want to style it. To finish off this look I have my favorite booties by Ugg.

Elegance in Burgundy 



Yet another must have from Athleta for the season. Warm yet not too hot for a California Thanksgiving day or evening, pair it with a bomber for night time. Lets be honest you are spending a majority of your time indoors anyway. Although I recently purchased this dress a couple months ago it is no longer available on their site but several brands have been making tie front dresses so it should be fairly easy to find.



Yes ladies that is a hidden pocket, your assumptions are correct it will hold approximately two sticks of gum and one solo key. ha. Nonetheless this is one of my favorite dresses currently due to this tie detail that makes it appeal more elegant. It feels literally like a giant sweatshirt though so score for me. Paired with my Carlos knee high boots.


Comment down below your favorite look? 

Do you prefer a fancy or casual look for Thanksgiving festivities?


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