Winter Style Book | 2020

First off happy new year! To kick this year of blogs off I wanted to highlight my favorite winter outfits. All of these looks are cozy, cute and affordable. I have provided the brands/ companies, however, there are no direct links since these styles are pretty popular. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a direct message.

Frilly Flirt



This muted pink dress is from Target. It is a versatile piece that can transition from around town errands to date night with a simple shoe switch. Pair with a dainty detailed necklace and either white Converse or booties. The tier drapery adds an extra splash of frilly fun as it drapes to create the illusion of long lines. The only con would be there are no pockets, which we all know I love me some hidden dress pockets. Do you feel extra excited when you find a cute piece with pockets?

Classically comfy


The one, the only, the sweatshirt dress! Finally I have found one that doesn’t include a side of buns. It has become a pet peeve when people wear a regular sweatshirt as a sweatshirt dress that doesn’t fully cover their butt. Simply size up if you are having an issue with the length. They are so soft so don’t miss out on this trend. This one is from Target and is the perfect length, plus it has a front pocket which adds an extra touch of classic chic without trying. A onesie is the closest thing I would compare it to except without the side eyes and constant judgement of wearing jammies in public. Ha.

Dino Yogi

Yet another great addition to my Dino tee shirt collection. There are many Dino yoga shirts, however this is the only one I have seen that does not highlight the struggle they would have. Torrid carries this particular one, which is plus sized brand. Imaddie simply tie it up either on the side or back. Pair with a high waist legging, chucks, and a dainty necklace or bracelet. Yoga bound or off to chill with some friends, the choice is yours.

XOXO Faith

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