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For those of you that have seen my what I got for Christmas post/ video, you saw this product that I received for Christmas. I told you in the video that I wanted to do a review on it and I finally did! After watching those painful charcoal mask videos I was curious if this would be the same type of experience, since it states that it has moroccan lava clay in it.

Was it painful ?

Was the peel off satisfying ? ha

Did you have an allergic reaction ?

Is it worth the time and money ?

Raw & Personal Reaction

I recorded the whole process from multiple facial expressions to my final thoughts. Click the video below to find out how it went.

Purchase & Extended Review

The product is priced relatively affordable in my opinion at $12.99 from Target. Yes, my face did turn red after peeling off the mask, however, that would not prevent me from using it in the future. I believe my face turned red due to the fact that the mask peeled off the dead skin from my face. It is a couple days later that I am writing this and my face still feels soft. The glitter, color, smell, and overall results make this an excellent product that I will keep gravitating towards in the future.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Bliss is not sponsoring this post nor do I receive any compensation if you choose to use the provided link.


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