Face Mask Haul | Handmade

As I mentioned in part one during the beginning of the mask craze most had to be handmade as companies did not regularly provide face masks. Before the mandate even started we began making masks in our household which is why I have quite the collection by now. As you may have guessed there was a lot of trial and error to finding out what works and does not work for me personally. 

For instance, I do wear glasses so at first we adapted the pipe cleaner technique and while yes it did work for awhile it did eventually prod its way out. Honestly, now I gravitate towards masks that are custom fit to my face over ones with the metal insert when it comes to homemade. While you can buy the large metal nose inserts to put inside I find it more of a hassle as with the cost you might as well just buy one made already. 

For handmade mask tutorials check out my post here, it includes free mask patterns as well. I suppose the many advantages to handmade is the fact that it is a custom fit and the ability to use fun printed fabrics. I’ve seen people embroider on their masks, do fun quilting patterns and so many things. 

Watch my full mask handmade mask haul below!

Have you made your own face mask if so send me a photo so I can see all your fun designs.

XOXO Faith

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