Aromatherapy for Anxiety: Does it Work?

Anxiety has been a constant roller coaster that I am tired of being on. After some research on how to surpass anxiety I came across aromatherapy as an all-natural remedy. The company Plant Therapy came up as a premium brand for aromatherapy, so I purchased the pre-diluted roll-on Worry Free Synergy.

For this trial, I wanted something with little user error that I can take on the go, hint the pre-diluted roll on. Let’s be honest anxiety does not have a schedule so you’ve got to be prepared 24/7. People even worry about worrying about having a future panic attack it’s a vicious cycle.

Travel wise it comes in a glass container with 1/3 fl oz, small enough to fit in a small clutch or pocket. Since it is glass, I assume if it is dropped it will probably break, but I am not 100% as I did not want to attempt it. The company also carries kid safe versions of their products; however, I did not purchase any at this time.

Alright the most important part, how does it smell?!

I tested this out for a week where I was travelling to and from a hospital for a loved on. Since my anxiety primarily focuses around small spaces, elevators, traffic, etc. it was the perfect time. Once I used it the first time everyone around me was asking what that smell was. Not many people were fans of its smell, however, it did distract my mind for a bit thus creating a calming effect. The best way to explain it is old lady perfume. No, it is not going to completely overpower your smell overall only for the first couple of minutes.

Ingredients include lavender, marjoram sweet, ylang ylang complete, sandalwood Australian, chamomile roman, and peru balsam while being diluted in fractionated coconut oil at 10%. I knew lavender is known for its calming effects, which is why I choose this one in conjunction with its name “Worry Free”. The smell lasts about ten minutes on average, with its super strong smell lasting about two minutes.

I would recommend it as it did seem to calm me down. Everyone is different so figure out what works for your personal journey. I choose aromatherapy not only because of the studies but also knowing that certain smells bring me a sense of comfort. If you are similar this may work for you, it is certainly worth giving a shot for under $10. Click here  to view all of Plant Therapy’s essential oils for anxiety, germs fighting and much more.

Disclaimer, I was not paid to talk about this product, nor do I receive any compensation if people use the link provided. I purchased this product with my own money.
Do you have anxiety? Comment down below what remedies you have tried or are interested in me testing.

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