The Truth Behind Sizing

Ever wonder why you are never the same size across all clothing brands? Possibly freaked out after you assumed you gained weight when you were a size two last trip but a size six this time. It’s a mental battle, which is exactly why brands do it. Officially titled vanity sizing by the industry, to conger up insecurities to increase buying power by women who are pleasantly pleased to find out they are a size XXS (extra, extra skinny). I’ll let you guys in on a little secret though, there are no exact standards or guidelines set for brands to follow. That’s right, a XXS does not mean anything. Companies make all of it up which is why in some brands you may be an XXS and others a large.

Alright, so now you are wondering how the heck your boyfriend, brother or father find pieces that fit every time. Without playing the guessing game or trying anything on, somehow it always works out. The answer is irritating yet simple, their clothing is set by actual body measurements while women’s are not. No, this is not an U.S. guideline standard but rather just how it is. It can be assumed that it is due to the fact that the average male will not take the time to try everything on. Nor does a man desire to be referred to as small anyway, larger numbers are deemed more appealing.

Did you know the United States does not require that clothing tags even have a size on it? With all of this said, do not beat yourself up about what the tag says, remember it is a marketing tool.

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