Ralph Breaks the Internet | Halloween Costumes

Since the first trailer came out for Ralph Breaks the Internet, I have been hooked and rather excited for it to come out in theaters. I’ve seen the trailer where Ralph feeds the bunny too many pancakes so many times! Comment down below if you laugh every time too. If you have not seen it yet here it is, you’re welcome.


After being invited to a Halloween Party I knew I wanted to replicate this scene. The only thing I regret with this costume is not having someone to play the cat. Also the fact that few people at the party actually knew who I was, probably do to the L.O.L. doll hairstyle I chose. No, I did not do that on purpose it was only realized after the fact. ha.

Ralph Costume

Orange Plaid Shirt: H&M        Overalls: ASOS      Medal: Personal Collection



Vanellope Von Schweetz

Sweatshirt: Khol’s        Skirt: Amazon      Tights: Amazon




Pancake Bunny

Ears: Handmade  *I do not recommend they broke three sewing machine needles and ended up being sewn by hand.       Bandana: Joann        Shirt: Target       Pants: Target         Pom Pom Tail: Personal Craft Collection        Slippers: Target







What costume did you pick this year vs last year?

Until Next Time,


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