Rainy Weather Essentials | 2019

Happy rainy season! In California the skies are grey and rain drops are frequently falling on my head. ha. It is a new year filled with new styles, the first one I want to discuss is of course essentials for this year’s rain season. I know in other parts of the world it is not winter so comment down below what season it is for you.

Upon drafting this post I was inspired to curate essentials for both the work day and the casual weekend, however when it comes to some things they tend to overlap. All of the jackets below I would wear to the office and on my day off. I have included jackets with various price points with two different length options. When looking for an office appropriate item my go to is making sure it is not too loud or offensive. Then again the too loud may waver depending on your occupation.

The shoes are the only item that I separated in terms of work versus play. If you are in a more professional environment or a more sassy fashionista stick to the work styles. Other items such as umbrellas, scarves, gloves and hats are not separated.

Waterproof Jackets

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 4.51.53 pm

(left to right)

  1. Volcom Walk on by Parka Pacsun $155
  2. Levi’s Rain Jacket Nordstrom $79.99
  3. Right as Rain Packable Print Hooded Raincoat Nordstrom $43.90
  4. Golightly Short Waterproof Packaway Jacket Joules $72.95
  5. Enemy Stone Jacket – White Volcom $34.99
  6. Lumina Waterproof Hooded Jacket Nordstrom $55.99

Puddle Jumpers

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 2.54.33 pm

  1. Minnie Mouse Rainboots shopDisney $34.95
  2. Joan of Arctic Waterproof Snow Boot Nordstrom $190
  3. ”                                                                                               “
  4. Molly Blak Botanical Bees Mid Height Rain Boots Joules $72.95
  5. Wellibobs Black Botanical Bees Short Printed Rain Boots Joules $64.95


Professional Splashers

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 2.54.22 pm

  1. Kesey Waterproof Boot Nordstrom $159.95
  2. Ugg Waterproof Insulated Wedge Boot Nordstrom $179.95 (below- color Stout)
  3. Cougar Connect Waterproof Bootie Nordstrom $154.95 (Taupe/Chocolate Suede)


Not Today Armberellas

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 2.54.45 pm

  1. Kate Spade New York Polka Dot Clear Umbrella Nordstrom $38.00
  2. Sharpty Inverted Umbrella (windproof + UV protection) Amazon $16.99 -25.99
  3. Minnie Mouse Umbrella for Adults shopDisney $24.95

Winter Accessories

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 2.54.05 pm

  1. Tasha Sequin Pompon Beanie Nordstrom $16.80
  2. Zella Snowcap Pompom Beanie Nordstrom $25.00
  3. Koala Beanie Hollister $9.97
  4. Panda Beanie Hollister $9.97
  5. Topo Designers Heavyweight Knit Cap Nordstrom $22.00
  6. BP. Metallic Puffer Scarf Nordstrom $14.49
  7. BP. Reversible Faux Fur Puffer Scarf Nordstrom $17.98
  8. Topshop Knit Touchscreen Gloves Nordstrom $15.00
  9. Pendleton Jacquard Texting Gloves Nordstrom $29.50


Disclaimer: These photographs are not my own. All images were taken from their customers retail website. This is not a sponsored post, meaning I do not receive compensation if you visit any of the links provided.

~ Faith

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