Does Makeup Expire?

Simply put yes, it absolutely does. Similar to certain food products makeup has a sell by date rather than a strict expiration date. No, there are no rules or regulations that require beauty brands to place a physical deadline on their products. The reason why is simply the start date is determined whenever you first open it and place it on your face.

While they could place a small disclaimer saying the recommended expiration time frame, like some natural juice companies that say best if used in 7 days after opening, they don’t. There are other factors to consider which may be why: If you put on your mascara to make yourself feel more alive than you do on the inside, you probably shouldn’t put it back on your face again. The basic use by standards are placed below that scientists recommend due to the rate of bacteria growth on the products. In other words, your makeup could be making you sick.

Okay, so you do not need to panic thinking you are going to look like an absolute zombie for not wearing any makeup when you are under the weather. Gravitate towards foundation, blush, concealer and other products that you do not put on your eyes. After you use your makeup brushes once, wash them. This will prevent you from placing all the bad bacteria into your products. Chapstick is a bit different so use your own judgement. My rule of thumb is to wash my hands and use one finger to apply a hydrating lip balm.


The List:

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.02.26 PM

Click here to see the original blog post with the full list of sources.


Watch the process of how I clean my makeup brushes and more makeup health advice.


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