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Tis the season for frights for some and comfy sweaters for all. So you’ve been invited to a Halloween party but you’re not sure what to wear? Well you’ve come to the right place! This year I am focusing on affordable ways to dress up once again with a twist called comfort. Many girls dress up to look skanky on Halloween, however, here I try to keep it classy without looking frumpy. Seeking some Halloween d.i.y. costumes? Don’t worry d.i.y.’s are definitely on there way, patience, starting Saturday will be the first Halloween d.i.y. of this season, for now enjoy the d.i.y ideas in this post.

The Boyfriend, The Fiancee, The Husband

Are you the creative one and him not so much? Would he feel tortured to walk around in a full blown costume made of itchy fabric and hours of your hard work? Try a onsie, he will love you even more for it! If you want to be pooh bear try a yellow dress with a cropped red top paired with d.i.y ears. He can be Eeyore to match plus you’ll both be able to reuse the outfits thoughout the year. Want to be Sally? This one is a little tough to diy so I would suggest heading to Hot Topic to pick up the costume dress which you can still rewear thoughout the year, if you’re a die heart fan. He can be Jack in comfort and style, who wants to really walk around with a giant skull head anyway.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 12.27.09 PM.png

The T-shirt Bundle

Neither of you has the time or money to spend on a costume, plus you have errands to run all day and you’re just dropping by the party. Try the latest halloween trend, the t-shirt costume, it comes with an accessory to match the shirt to pull everything together. These are perfect for teachers to reuse on book club days and spirit week dress up days. Be comfortable in your jeans, add a heel and makeup for a sassy touch.



The Group Costume

Want to dress up as a group but you don’t have the time or creative skills, try one of these. Be all the Ninja Turtles, or dress as Mario and his whole gang. Plus they are comfy so you can actually enjoy the festivities.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 12.28.31 PM.png


Hey Sexy Lady

Tried of onsie costumes that are not legit try one of these union suits, they are so warm and comfy without sacrificing the full on look of the costume. It is somewhat of a tradition for me to receive a union suit (onsie) for Christmas as I actually have the Sully one, except mine was from Target, sadly they no longer carry it, but Walmart seems to have the same one. These do range in price but they are definitely cheaper than the typical one night use Halloween costume, since you can sport them at Christmas parties and lounge in them all winter long.



You’ll never want to wear a typical store bought costume again!

XOXO Faith


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