Shopping Tips

Like many fashionistas out there, I enjoy shopping. My bank account on the other hand does not. Instead of rolling into debt there are a couple of things you can do to help save money without completely dropping shopping all together.

Email lists

Companies want to know more about their customers which is why being on an email list benefits both parties. Sign up for your favorite brands subscription list to receive coupons, be notified of sales and when new products/styles come out. Some companies even do VIP shopping events for their club members. Simply go to your favorite company’s website to sign up.


The current trend with retailers is to have an app. Now, where they get you with the app is they want you to open up a credit card with them. I personally do not do this due to the amount of data leaks lately, but it is an option. Not all but some companies do not require you to take out a credit card but put up their coupons this way


There are not many cut out coupons anymore as most of them are found online on a site such as Retailmenot or even the company’s website. My personal rule of thumb is to screenshot the coupon code I plan to use. In my town there are stores where there is literally no cell service. Don’t be that person at the counter with people huffing under their breath because your coupon is not coming up.

Off Season

Eyeing that winter coat all season long? Now is the time to buy it as companies are trying to get rid of their old stock to move in new stock. Shop for items that you will be able to use later in the off season such as winter coats or swim suits. Abercrombie&Fitch usually does 50% off their winter coats at least once per year for a couple of days in a row for example.

Comment below your go to shopping hack?


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