DIY Mermaid Costume | Halloween

Still don’t have a costume picked out? Don’t worry,  here is yet another easy diy costume to inspire you! For those lovelies out there who love to go under the sea. ha. For real though, Ariel is my favorite princess but often has a trashy looking halloween costume. This is why I decided to do a more modest version for ya’ll.

Yes, the shirt is a bit short, which is my bad, I completely thought this shirt was longer. If you want to replicate this look opt for a longer tee shirt, simple fix. This just so happened to be a shirt that I purchased that ended up being too see through to wear out, which is why it worked out best to use it as a costume.

This diy is really simple, to do and easy to customize to create a one of a kind costume. Keep it simple like I did to resemble Ariel or glam it up with jewels, pearls, or even a dingle hopper or two.

Follow along with the tutorial, it is less than three minutes! Told you it was easy. (:


Main Costume

Ariel Leggings: Disney Store — $25

Red Shoes: Converse — $40


Extra Accessories

Flounder Purse: Target — $13.49

Mermaid Scale Nails: Icing — $8.99






Hope you feel inspired, let me know what costumes or posts you would like to see ?


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