DetraPel Review

Summer is one of those seasons when I want to break out those squeaky clean white on white shoes. Then the little voice in the back of my mind goes through a checklist of the day’s activities to protect the innocence of those beautiful white sexy chucks. The wet grass, dust, dirt, the possibility of someone spilling something on them.

Story time. It’s the first class of the day, freshmen year showing off my new Avril Lavigne white jacket, the one with the matching white suspender shorts. Literally twenty minutes or so into class the girl in front of me spills her tea all over me. Soaked, I headed to my P.E. locker to change into those ugly black basketball shorts that looked as if I borrowed them from a 6′ tall man. I felt so irritated, gross, and absolutely crushed. That stain never came out of that white jacket, I still feel the pain of my 15 year old self.

From that day, I’ve been cautious about light colors especially white, for the sole reason that there are too many possibilities of them to become dingy. Earlier this year I was watching Home & Family with my parents and saw Kym Douglas testing DetraPel. Kym had used it on a men’s dress shirt spilling something such marinara sauce or something of that sort on the shirt. IT LITERALLY BEADED OFF THE SHIRT! Later that month I placed an order for Detrapel to see if it was just tv magic or real.


One 2oz bottle of DetraPel will cover two pairs of shoes with a little bit to spare, if you are generous when applying. The instructions require two coats that are done thirty minutes apart and set to dry for at least 24 hours after being treated. I used the product on a pair of white Chuck Taylor II and faux suede baby blue velcro shoes to test it out. Two months later, the shoes still look brand new without being babied. The white chucks survived university graduation walk at the city arena (not the cleanest with thousands of people back there), walking through grass, work, town errands etc.

Below are my shoes without being touched up after being used around town and to work. After graduation and grass walking etc. Only ever used one baby wipe to wipe away dirt.

Below is after baby wiping the shoes prior to the first set of photos. The side view can be seen in the featured photo at the top. I used limited editing on these photos to be able to truly capture the products ability. The only editing I used on these photos was to lighten them in order to see the marks more clearly.


Have you used DetraPel? 

This is not a sponsored post, just looking out for my fashionistas out there searching for a way to keep there white shoes white and more. Click here to learn more about DetraPel.

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