Black Friday Haul

Hey fellow sassy shoppers and fashionistas. I know it’s a bit late but I still wanted to share with you what deals I picked up both in store and online this weekend. Find out what impulse buy I splurged on too. ha. It is not too late to pick up some amazing deals just beware that not every sale is genuine.


7 Shopping Tips for the Season of Sales.

1. Avoid the crowds by heading to a strip mall.

2. On buy two get two free deals purchase items of the same quantity to receive the best deal.

3. Use separate transactions to avoid the second tip from going awry.

4. Remember retailers do similar if not the same deals online.

5. Try out the order online and pick up in stores technique.

6. Review prices before the sale to make sure it is a genuine deal.

7. Follow your favorite companies on instagram as well as email subscription.


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Comment down below where you went shopping this weekend. 
Are you a cyber or in store shopper?

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