Halloween Costume Ideas | Work

Since Halloween is on a Wednesday this post is focused on not only last minute ideas but also inspiration for work appropriate costumes. Suggestions on how to make costumes work appropriate are also included for the not so typical options. I did flat lay photos as each costume’s makeup depends on how strict your dress code is at work.



This one is a bit of a given for the last minute Halloween seeker, but can still be pretty cute. Grab your favorite plaid shirt, jeans, boots and a hat and your good to go. Perhaps not everyone has a cowboy hat laying around like me but they are pretty easy to find. Ditch the distressed jeans for a low key work costume, if your work allows you to wear jeans in the middle of the week that is.



What hobbies do you have? Dress up as a ballerina, gold medal gymnast or a hockey player. If you are one of those people who believes this is “cheating” in some way then ask a friend to borrow one of their uniforms. In order to make this work appropriate switch out the tights for a pair of jeans or pants.

Explorer |Jurassic  World


Love dinosaurs too? Be one of the main characters or be an explorer. Pair a tee with green or khaki pants, combat boots and a small satchel with it. Want to take it a step further carry around a stuffed dinosaur in your bag. ha. Not a fan? Switch the dinosaur tee out for a plain black crop top for Kim Possible.

The Witch |Avengers


Fan of The Avengers but not sure who to be? Be the witch it is really easy grab a red jacket and black dress. If you have knee high black boots that would be best, if not pair some black heels with knee high socks. Add some black gloves like she wears too. Although her gloves are fingerless and longer I did not want to cut them as I use them for other costumes. If your dress is long enough this should also be work appropriate as it is on the professional side.

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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