The Truth Behind | Fashion Hauls

Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the various people we cross paths with on the street spark inspiration for new trends, different styles and all things fashion. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that several famous youtubers and social media gurus spoke up about the fact that they buy items simply to use them as content. Fashion hauls are a huge part of this massive consumer issue of want, want, NEED. Titles such as “spending too much at Target” or “massive summer hauls” draw in a large crowd but why?

I can only assume that people love to watch a variety of items they may or may not be interested in buying, I admit I used to watch tons of these types of videos. Then I started thinking do the videos benefit my life in any way? Not really. Often when watching this type of content on repeat it becomes a loop of craving more and more material things. They make you feel like you are missing out if you cannot afford a massive pile of clothing. I love fashion, don’t get me wrong but finding out from the creators themselves that they purchase all these things simply to show off in videos is unsettling. Many believe these hauls are things they truly needed to benefit their wardrobe not just to create content online.

Another negative effect is massive fast fashion consumption. Items that do not survive up to a double-digit wash fall into this category otherwise known as throw away clothing. Without getting to save mother earth, all of it is bad for the environment point blank. Yes, you can still purchase some throw away fashion as it is trendy, just try not to buy massive heaps of it as it goes straight to the landfill. This is the main reason I gravitate more towards classic pieces. Yes, I do still indulge in fun graphic tees but I make sure it will last more than only one season too.

It would be unfair to simply dragb down the fashion communities haul process as some of them are actually education as to speak. If I want to find out what the best type of legging is I can watch a video that reviews different types of them or puts out fitness content views and I am going to expect that their advice is more reliable. Personality coincides with the trust that their fans put in them especially when it comes to brand deals too.

Yes, I will continue to do hauls but they will be more on the review side rather than just a massive show of here’s all this stuff I’ll never wear. Ha. Do you think hauls are harmful or helpful? Do you feel betrayed knowing some youtubers are buying things only to use them as content not because they really enjoy the item.

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