Face Mask Haul | Fav. Brands

While we are still mandated to wear masks in California, I thought it was well overdo to do a mask try on haul of my favorite masks from popular sportswear brands Bloch and Athleta. At the beginning every mask was handmade, however, now almost every company has come out with their own face mask. I’ve even seen shirts come with a face mask, which brought me back to being little when your nightgown would come with a Barbie sized duplicate.

After making a bunch of handmade masks I wanted to try some from my favorite sportswear brands. The reason I chose activewear brands is because of their quality and the expectation that they would preform well under heat. Working during this time it really sucks to wear a mask all day so of course you’ll try anything to make it a bit more bearable.

First up is Bloch, my main motivation for ordering my first mask from them was purely the design of the pretty ballerinas. Silly but true and the one thing I did not fancy at the time of purchase ended up being one of my favorite features of the mask, the lanyard function. White you’re on break or lunch the mask can easily be removed and hang around your neck preventing any germs from the table or losing your mask altogether. The adjustable nose bridge is comfortable and prevents glasses from fogging up like a fire breathing dragon. It is the only product that I truly believe covers the one size fits all qualifications as it truly can be tightened or loosened to ANY size desirable. Lastly the material is phenomenal with qualities integrated that are anti-dust, odor resistant, anti-bacterial, embedded with nano zinc oxide and UV protection. The price point is a bit expensive but the quality makes it all worth it. If I haven’t convinced you to give it a try yet, in the try on haul I also show you how to receive them at a discounted rate. (No, this is not a sponsored post.) Hands down my favorite mask by any brand I’ve tried. 

Next up is Athleta, I love their activewear so of course I had to try their masks plus, they come in packs so it is a good investment to make that aids a variety of colors to match your outfits. Their masks also have the one size functionality of the adjustable ear pieces. The fabric is similar to a swimsuit feel with it being a polyester spandex blend. My main concern is the nose wire, it is comfortable but a little too thin to prevent the fire breathing dragon eyes when wearing glasses. These masks have three layers which has to be my favorite part about them along with the feel of the material.

Watch the try on haul here!

Let me know down below what your favorite brand is that is selling the BEST face mask.


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