OOTW: First week of Spring 2018 College

This week was full of all kinds of emotions; excitement, anxiety, stress, disappointment, and fear. While this is my last semester of college figuring out what to wear was still a challenge. From the first semester of transferring to university from J.C. I was excited about the possibility to take ballet classes. However, these classes never fit into my schedule of required courses until this semester. Spring 2018 has been deemed the semester of new experiences. The challenging part of new experiences is the unknown, especially when it comes to dress code and skill. Not to mention it rained everyday so I also wore a rain jacket everyday.


[Day #1]

Courses: Ballet & 3 Major classes

Unaware if everyone in ballet would be dressed in ballet tights and leotards on the first day I decided to play it safe with semi-gym attire. Yes, I packed tights and such in case everyone was in tights upon arrival. This outfit was successful minus the shoes. Shoes must be removed before entering the dance studio, which makes slip on shoes more practical.


Shoes- Chuck Taylor II

Leggings- Victoria Secret Pink

Tank Top- Disney “Adventure is out there”

Plaid Button Up- Abercrombie & Fitch


[Day 2]

Courses: Ballet & 3 Major classes

Note- also brought jeans to change into after ballet because my middle two major classes were cancelled already. During this extra time I was allowed to go to the store to purchase the correct uniform for ballet class and lunch.


Boots- Steve Madden

Sweatpants- Victoria Secret Pink

Ballet Shoes- Capezio, Bloch

Transition Tights- Capezio

Leotard- Capezio

Sweater- Gilly Hicks

Bow- Unknown


[Day #3]

Course: Judo


Boots: Roxy

Leggings: Victoria Secret Pink

Performance Shirt: Calvin Klein


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