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Hey lovelies, hope you are having an amazing week thus far as you come off your shopping high. ha. Christmas shopping is a fun time to not only show appreciation for others but also to show them how observant you are on their personality. Today’s gift guide focuses on the homebody who loves to keep it cozy on a winter’s rainy or dare I say snowy day?

I'm curious now, does it snow in your hometown during the winter? 

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The Onesie



Perhaps my favorite loungewear item to take out of storage for the colder months, onesies! There are so many types that I can guarantee you can find some for anyone on your list that suits their personality. Mine is a Koala onesie from Hollister, it is $59.95. They also have a panda and bear onesie, otherwise known as a jumpsuit on their site. I prefer these ones as they let your feet be free. Plus it is beyond soft even after multiple washes. Footie onesies tend to get worn down quicker on the feet portion. If this is out of your price range, they also have a good selection at Target, for both women and men.

Cozy Essentials

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Long sleeve Campus Tee: A staple for layering days, stylish yet lite for indoors. This classic item from Pink is a bit old but I linked a similar one that is $39.95.

Pretty Animalz Face Masks: Brighten up the holiday spirit by giving the gift of pampering and laughter with these cute face masks. Sold at Target for $3.99 in various creatures from the ones shown above to unicorns.

Moccasin Slippers: These are my favorite slippers besides the next ones shown which are a close second since these have a relatively hard sole. This is my second pair too, they last me about two or three years. Moccasin’s can range in price but these are only $19.99 from Target.

Cutesy Socks: Nite Nite Munki Munki is the brand of these ballerina hippo socks. Sorry guys I could not find the same pair, they are about three years old now. Any print will do; this particular pair is exceptionally soft as they are made with a rayon blend which is a type of bamboo. Most of my fun socks are found randomly from Target or the men’s dress socks section of different stores, no shame. I highly recommend trying the shea infused lounge socks from Bath & Body Works if you have not already.

Puma Sweatpants: If nothing else pick these up for yourself. I snagged these from Costco for only $15, I know crazy. They are mens but who cares.


Animal Lover Cozys


Sharks are my favorite animal so people tend to pick items up for me that have sharks on them when they spot them. The pants were from Target’s men’s department, socks from Guess’s men’s dress socks section, shirt from Monterey Bay Aquarium and slippers unknown. Every time I get to add something new to my sharks collection I am over the moon.


Disney Junky Cozys


Spirit Jersey: Similar to the long sleeve campus tee in style but a little thicker. Mine is from the Disney store; here are all their spirit jerseys for all the Disney Junkies in your life. For those curious, the front has Ariel’s silhouette in the same color as the mermaid on the back.

Sherpa Pants: *major eyeroll* Sherpa has been dominating the loungewear world this season. That being said I cannot bring myself to buy one of those sweatshirts… ehhh. However, the sherpa pj pants I can handle, they are ridiculously soft. These were a gift, I have seen them at Target and Walmart though.

Lip Smacker’s Lip Balm: Not only do they make a cute decoration but they are favored based on the character you choose. Ariel is mermazing grapefruit pamplemousse, found at Target for $3.39 and various stores.




Disney Hair Bow: Hot Topic

Pooh Bear T-shirt: Hot Topic

Pooh Bear, Bear: Build A Bear


Build a loungewear bundle gift or pair smaller items with a gift card, if you fancy. Happy cozy shopping, don’t forget to treat yourself too. Your deserve it.




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