Beanie Hairstyles | Natural & Easy

In the chilly California winter months I find myself more often than not reaching for a beanie. On these days I do not want to fuss with my hair or have that lingering burnt smell of fried hair. Years past I would constantly iron my hair and it was honestly so irritating how people reacted that it was so “beautiful”. Recently I started taking more pride in my natural roots so all of these hairstyles are basic, fast and all natural.

Basic Beauty


This may not be a hairstyle per say but it is a statement. It took so long for me to get comfortable  with my natural hair being the way it is, frizzy as a grizzly. That being said if one more person growls at me in public like a lion due to my natural curls I may Hulk out. It is beyond rude, enough said. Be brave enough to be natural AF loves.

Hey Captain


Yes girl, like Captain Smee! Not ready to brave all the whisps. Grab some mini elastics (these ones are from my brace face days) and whip out two front braids for a cleaner look. It takes literally maybe thirty seconds to complete on your way out the door.


Hipster Miss


Perfect for the hipster style beanie that barely covers your ears and somehow manages to balance on your head. Place your hair into a low side pony but leave out the portion that shows in the front. Switch it up by braiding two front sections of hair on the same side. Drape the two braids on the same side of your face as the pony and tuck them into the same hair tie.


I hope you all enjoyed these easy effortless natural beanie hairstyles. Own your natural roots do not let others dictate what makes you feel beautiful. What style of beanie do you prefer to wear? Cuffed, pom or hipster? 

XOXO Faith

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