How to: Style Velcro Shoes

Over the last couple of years velcro shoes have been popping up in magazines being worn by Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner to name a few. Spring 2018 the trend made its debut on the runways. I’ve been a bit skeptical about the trend, seeing them being sold across the board from $30 to $600. I picked up a pair at Target to try out the per K trend myself. After bringing them home it was a bit tricky to style them without looking like a giant kindergartner too. Playing around with them here are three different ways to wear them to enhance rather than hinder your look.

Dressy Date Night

Ready for a classy dinner in comfort or a coffee date at a moment’s notice.  Two piece set: Style Club (Kelli Berglund collaboration).  Knot Necklace: Madewell.   Cuff: Victoria Secret.  Hipster Mickey Coffee Cup: Wonderground Gallery (artist- Jerrod Maruyama)

Rebel Chick

Distressed Patch Vest: Windsor.   Elephant Tank top: Oakland Zoo.   Jeans: Articles of Society.  Music to My Ears Speaker: Kate Spade.

Peter Pan Casual Day

Stripped Tank Top: B.P. Nordstrom.  White Button Up Overalls: Macys (Jessica Simpson).
Comment below what your favorite look is.

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