How to be a Sustainable Fashion Consumer

Earth Day, is tomorrow so lets talk about sustainable fashion. As a fashionista, I crave to go explore new trends and to check in from time to time on what my favorite brands are new releases are. At university, they dedicate an entire semester to sustainability to teach us how to be sustainable in the industry. If you too are a fashionista, here are some ways you can be sustainable without boycotting fashion altogether.

Fast Fashion Fads

Trends are a huge part of the fashion industry, however, many are fads that rarely resurface. An example of a fad would be dresses or bags with colorful pom poms and the clear plastic trends. When these styles are out it is hard to push them back into your go to wardrobe as they are so out there, which is why they are often taken to the landfill. If you love this type of fashion try to reintegrate these pieces into new items or try not to splurge into too many trends that will likely flop within a couple months.

Classic pieces- cost per wear

I’ve done a post of classic pieces which I will link here. These are clothing items such as a white button up, denim jeans without all the crazy embroidery or rhinestones. A majority of a person’s wardrobe should be filled with classic pieces to not only save money but to be a conscious consumer. Check the materials for high quality, if the items are more expensive take into consideration the cost per wear, and life expectancy of at least two plus years. Cost per wear is the cost of the garment divided by the amount of times you will wear that item. A jacket that cost $200 seems a bit pricy, ask yourself how often will you wear that jacket? Say you plan to wear 10 times so then the cost per wear is $20. This of course does not apply to fancy attire for an event.

Ethics of Fashion

Check your favorite brands are they being sustainable with their production? Where are the items being made? Often companies dump their waste into the water supply where the factory is based which hurts the people living in the area. How do they treat and pay their workers? Are they tied to a cause to help others or the earth?

Evaluate your Closet

Do you wear everything in there? I doubt it, it is predicted that women use only 20% of their wardrobe. Personally, I am holding onto items that currently do not fit comfortably, if this is an issue for you too, try out a d.i.y. Here are some ways to make your clothes bigger without sacrificing style.





Lace or any fabric that matches the garment.
This teeshirt is an original, featuring my own artwork that I had given to a company to print. Not knowing how the shirt itself sized, it was a bit too small. To make the shirt larger I opened up the side seams and added a piece of lace fabric on each side and onto of the sleeves.

Try opening the garment at the seams if possible. Another way to alter the size of a shirt is to open up the middle back seam and add some lace in a triangle form up to the top seam (pictured above). Be creative with this process or look to Pinterest for inspiration.

Currently, I have been doing a lot of research on wardrobe capsules which has to do with minimalism. Basically, a wardrobe capsule focuses on all items being used no ifs or ands about it. Get rid of outdated items, donate them to a children’s shelter before a thrift store or sell items on an app (Poshmark, Depop, Threadup, or Mercari). This helps items have a second life rather than ending up at the dumps.

Let me know down below, how you are or will be a sustainable consumer!

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