Eliminate Stress | Rule of 5

The last couple of weeks I have been allowing my stress to consume me. While I should have pumped the brakes sooner, I am now integrating two strategies into my daily routine. Instead of fixating on multiple stressors for hours at a time this new way of thinking implements a set block of time. Thus, pulling the negative toxic energy away from the task.

Recently, I have been searching for a house to rent in a highly competitive area with an extremely small-time frame to find “the one”. Not to mention all the stressors that piggy back off of moving in general to a new area for the first time nonetheless. What furniture to get, can we afford new furniture at this time? Oh, I almost forget to mention I also need to find myself a job. If you also have multiple stressful events hovering over you try out this method.

First write out the title of each block you have. For the very first ten or so minutes of each block focus on writing out bullet that need to be accomplished in that one block. Breaking down each block into smaller sections makes it easier to see exactly what needs to be done to accomplish each goal.   Whenever something regarding one your blocks pops into your head jot it down on a piece of paper or an e-list to revisit during that specific blocks time. Tasks get accomplished and play time stays well playtime without underlining heavy guilt of wasting time. Set a timer for third to ten minutes to work on each block, if you have the energy to flow into the next block right away go for it, if not take ten to fifteen minutes to rest your mind.

Once your blocks are all titled create a rule of five, five things you will prioritize daily. If you find the idea of five overwhelming slim it down to two to start with. These things may seem monotonies to take the time to write out but it is a daily reminder of your intentions each day. Do not just say exercise daily because that could mean so many different things which leads to a fade out. See below for my rule of five as well as the main stressors clouding up my mind lately. There are multiple ways to create a visual of all your goals this is just one of them make it your own, be creative.

Comment down below what stressors are clouding up your mind?


Reusable Duster | Easy DIY

Eco friendly products have been around for a while and still I have yet to try any. Similar to other popular items, there always seems to be a settle label “tax”. For instance, items that never had any gluten are suddenly sporting a gluten free sticker and a shiny new price tag. All the fashion trends seem to follow a similar formation of how to raise prices when the demands rises to increase it’s business.

That being said the eco-reusable “tax” makes a little sense since most of the shops make the items by hand in United States. The cost covers high quality materials and fair labor practices, at least that is how most shops are marketing themselves. After searching a couple shops online it had me thinking the ultimate challenge would be to create some of my own reusable products using scraps from other projects that would otherwise be wasted or thrown out. A duster seemed like a good place to start as it is a simple concept of a glorified rag on a stick.

At Marleys Monsters their reusable dusters retail for around $38.00, however the one I make in the video below only cost me $0.97 for two. Having been gifted a ridiculous amount of fabric scraps helped a bit too. If you are not as lucky, head over to your local craft shop and browse their scraps pile, usually they are pretty affordable. The key is to no longer be purchasing and throwing out a numerous amount of swiffer duster heads.

Click below for the full tutorial, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

Every little switch helps when it comes to the environment, but no, I am not driving into the whole zero waste vibe full force by any means.

XOXO Faith

The Truth Behind | Fashion Hauls

Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the various people we cross paths with on the street spark inspiration for new trends, different styles and all things fashion. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that several famous youtubers and social media gurus spoke up about the fact that they buy items simply to use them as content. Fashion hauls are a huge part of this massive consumer issue of want, want, NEED. Titles such as “spending too much at Target” or “massive summer hauls” draw in a large crowd but why?

I can only assume that people love to watch a variety of items they may or may not be interested in buying, I admit I used to watch tons of these types of videos. Then I started thinking do the videos benefit my life in any way? Not really. Often when watching this type of content on repeat it becomes a loop of craving more and more material things. They make you feel like you are missing out if you cannot afford a massive pile of clothing. I love fashion, don’t get me wrong but finding out from the creators themselves that they purchase all these things simply to show off in videos is unsettling. Many believe these hauls are things they truly needed to benefit their wardrobe not just to create content online.

Another negative effect is massive fast fashion consumption. Items that do not survive up to a double-digit wash fall into this category otherwise known as throw away clothing. Without getting to save mother earth, all of it is bad for the environment point blank. Yes, you can still purchase some throw away fashion as it is trendy, just try not to buy massive heaps of it as it goes straight to the landfill. This is the main reason I gravitate more towards classic pieces. Yes, I do still indulge in fun graphic tees but I make sure it will last more than only one season too.

It would be unfair to simply dragb down the fashion communities haul process as some of them are actually education as to speak. If I want to find out what the best type of legging is I can watch a video that reviews different types of them or puts out fitness content views and I am going to expect that their advice is more reliable. Personality coincides with the trust that their fans put in them especially when it comes to brand deals too.

Yes, I will continue to do hauls but they will be more on the review side rather than just a massive show of here’s all this stuff I’ll never wear. Ha. Do you think hauls are harmful or helpful? Do you feel betrayed knowing some youtubers are buying things only to use them as content not because they really enjoy the item.

Tool Roll DIY | Easy

Yes, I’m going to be completely stereotypical for this Father’s Day D.I.Y. only because this is something mine would actually use. No matter if you make this for dad or for yourself, it is very affordable. I came across this idea when I was searching for a tool roll store after store and kept coming out empty handed.


  • Canvas Work Apron- The Home Depot $1.49
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic Sewing Supplies



Don’t worry a beginner sewer can tackle this one with little to no experience. Figure out how many pouches to customize the roll to. Measure the widest part of each tool, mark off sections with a pencil. If you need the extra room, like I did, simply take a seam ripper to remove the middle seams that come on the apron. Once all the dimensions are sketched out start sewing. DONE

Tips from trial and error:

Note of caution; if the tools being used exceed the height of the apron brainstorm if it is worth adding extra material to the top. A normal tool roll ties are usually located in the middle of one side so they can be tied together to secure the tools. Simply cut off and resew the apron’s ties to the middle of one side to fix this issue.


Happy Crafting Ya’ll

XOXO Faith

Costco Clothing |Review & Haul

Recently, I have been obsessed with shopping the clothing section at Costco. The deals are unbelievable but what about the quality overall? Whenever you shop no matter what the price tag says, there are a few things to check to make sure the tag matches the item’s quality worth. The type of material, origin it was made in, stitching and dying process all contribute to the actual garment’s quality rather than just paying for the brand itself.

As a wholesale warehouse Costco charges members to shop their store. This means Costco can charge a lower price point by partnering with brands and capitalizing on the wholesale cost rather than creating a retail cost. Watch my review below of my latest Costco finds to see if it is really worth it to shop the clothing section at Costco.


Have you ever shopped the clothing section at Costco?

XOXO Faith

Vehicle Upkeep | How to Take Care of Your Car

Since summer is almost here which means road trips and vacations it is time to start taking care of your car. Since meeting my boyfriend my car knowledge has grown to the point where I am amazed that others do not know the basics for keeping their car healthy. It was not too long ago that I too would wait for my car to scream for help before taking action. For this post I interviewed my boyfriend since working on cars is his favorite thing to do. By keeping up with the basics cars are more likely to be dependable as well as run more efficiently.

How often should a car’s oil be changed?

Well this all depends on what kind of oil you are using. For conventional oil it is recommended to change it every 3,000 miles but for synthetic it goes up to every 5,000 miles. If you rarely drive your car do not wait to hit the milage, instead opt for every six months. When the oil is changed make sure to also change the oil filter.

 How do you know what kind of oil to use?

There are a couple of ways to find out what kind of oil each car needs such as the oil cap, the owner’s manual, google or even a booklet at the store in the oil section. Exceptions to the recommended oil for each car is if the car has high mileage or is leaking oil. In both cases opt for a thicker oil, for instance a 5-20 instead of  0-20.

Tire Health

It does not take an expert to realize that if the tire is bald it needs to be replaced but do you rotate your tires regularly? When a car’s tires are rotated it helps the tire’s tread wear down at an equal rate by moving around the pressure points. Wherever you purchase your tires they most likely provide this service for free, so take advantage of it every 6-8,000 miles or six months.

Photo by Jess: Car Show in California

What is a Tune Up?

A tune up includes changing the oil, air filter, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Every 15,000 miles or three years maximum a car should be treated to a tune up. Change your air filter more often (every year) as well as your oil as previously discussed. Both of these are included in the tune up process because it might as well all be done at the same time.

D.I.Y. Upkeep

Honestly there are multiple things anyone can do on their car by themselves, if you want to save money but are scared to mess something up start small. Changing the air filter and the oil are basic, head to youtube for guidance. Depending on the car, the oil may be a daunting task as well as the spark plugs and wires so investigate it first. I’ve done an oil change, air filter, brakes and more with assistance but it honestly is a lot easier than I thought it was.

Road Trip Upkeep

Before hitting the road make sure to check all your fluids this includes coolant, oil, and transmission fluid. Other things to consider is taking the car in to rotate it’s tires, this verifies that your tires are healthy (no nails and decent tread). Predict if the vehicle will max it’s oil change mileage on a road trip, if so get it done.

Photo by Jessie: From a Qualifying Race in California

If you missed part one where I discussed key things to watch out for when buying a used car, click here. Where are you going for summer vacation?



Easy Curly Hair Hairstyles

As a member of the curly hair club I wanted to share with you five trendy hairstyles. These will all work no matter what your hair type is however, I am trying them all out on my natural curly hair. All of these styles were experimented on day two hair. Dirty hair is easier to work with than day one when it comes to styling at least. All of these looks are practical since each one keeps your hair out of your face while still being effortlessly on trend.

Follow the Tutorial Below to each Hairstyle

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What is your favorite way to style your own hair?

XOXO Faith