The Dream: White Yoga Pants

Spring til summer white yoga pants are always on trend. Crisp, clean, and an overall fitness girl’s dream to pull off the famous white yoga pants. After years of admiring them from afar I decided it was time for me to purchase a pair to step up my gym wardrobe. Flipping through an Athleta catalog I fell instantly in love with a pair of white laser cut contender tights. They appeared thick enough to be squat proof, however, at the time I tried them on I made the rookie mistake of wearing the wrong type of underwear, bright green to be exact.

Once I got over the sticker shock of paying over $90 for the white yoga tights I tried them on again with a pair of “no show” undies. Instead of trying to explain what happened, it is more effective to just show you.

.Undies: Victoria Secret, No Show Hiphugger.
.Undies: MeUndies, Everyday No Show Bikini.
.Undies: MeUndies, Everyday No Show Bikini.

Aside from looking horribly unflattering, which is honestly more of a personal problem, each of the “no show” undies are still visible. The worst one was the Victoria Secret undies as seen above. MeUndies stopped selling this type of undies, I wonder if this is why, but they have done the best job thus far. While the tights did not show the color of the undies (V.S. grey and MeUndies baby pink), the lines are extremely visible. Does everyone  go commando in leggings?

If you know of a REAL no show undies, help a girl out and let me know! I have been searching for years now trying different ones, these two appeared the most promising until today.

I want to know how you avoid visible panty lines in leggings, comment down below.

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