How to: Love YOUR Hair

A bit of background

Until college I was hair shamed into straightening my naturally curly hair. From being teased in elementary school that I had an afro to waking up early in middle school to straighten my hair before school. In college I started to lose the stamina to straighten my hair every single day, so I didn’t do it all the time. It was not until a classmate asked well what are you, as she touched my hair that I started to feel weird again. When spending time with my now boyfriend as friends I had both natural and curly hair days. He asked why I would straighten my hair. I started leaving my hair curly all the time and felt happy, as it is unique to me.

Recently, in the mall a lady asked if it was natural hair. I smiled until she finished her statement that my hair WOULD BE pretty if I straightened it or curled it (yes curl my curly hair). I was instantly furious, how dare she I thought. My hair is usually in a bun so in a way I have yet to be happy with it unless it is enhanced with heat tools, which is obnoxious to do daily.

Next I made an appointment at Ulta to seek advice to limit frizz, treat my hair correctly and embrace it naturally. Ultimately no single person makes up the standard of beauty.

How to Love YOUR Hair

In the beginning I ran into a snag in my plans as the person I had booked my appointment to see called in sick. At the beginning I was given a run through of recommended products, after she gave my hair a blowout (wash & style). One note of caution when going to the salon at Ulta they are Redkin only, meaning they cannot use any other products on your hair. Save your money and try out the recommendations yourself unless you are going out that day. I ended up buying something she didn’t use on my hair as she said it would work even better. Leaving the salon my hair was still wet, which was not my favorite as I was skeptical that my hair would eventually frizz up.

30 Minutes Later


1 Hour Later


While my hair did not frizz up, after about three hours my scalp began itching like crazy. Since I have sensitive skin, I cannot blame the products she used though. The next morning I woke up with a little bit of frizz but not much, but washed out the product in order to regain my sanity. The stylist recommended using DivaCurl’s gel and a creme, however, it made my hair huge and frizzy. At the end of the day I realized that it will take some experimenting to figure out the perfect routine for my hair as everyone is different. If you want to love your hair, accept it for what it is, experiment with it, and seek advice.

Do you have naturally curly hair?

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