DIY Shark Costume & Makeup Tutorial

EEEP! Today I have exciting news, the first official Halloween costume of the season in a d.i.y. To make things easier your girl made a youtube video to guide you step by step to making this sassy beast costume. This was actually my costume last year for Halloween, however, with the Meg movie that came out this year plus sharks being my favorite animal I could not resist sharing it.

I'm curious now, comment down below what your favorite animal is?

I was inspired to make this costume in a new way. What I mean by this is, it is not only easy to follow but also easy to find everything you need in your house.  At this time last year I was a broke college student going through a lot and was asked to attend a Halloween party my boyfriend’s best friend was hosting. Being a savvy fashionista I looked around in my closet and came up with this. The best part is this costume is versatile, meaning you do not need to ruin a grey hoodie and all the parts will fit in a tiny ziplock when Halloween is over.

This is a grey hoodie I use throughout the season and it still is. Everything is sewn on with a running stitch so that when Halloween is over I snip one thread and can easily pull out all the stitches. The other parts of the costume can be made out of an old t-shirt or any scraps laying around.



Click below to follow the tutorial to make your own shark costume and steal my makeup look. (:


See you soon with more costume inspiration,

Love Faith 🦈

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