Transition into Fall – Fashion

Although fall is officially here, the weather has been dragging it’s feet in California. With climates bouncing between 80 and 90 down to sweatshirt lows. It’s not quite time to break out that sweater bin yet so here are some ways you can step into fall in the meantime.


Transitional Pumpkin

Between us this is what I call a standing only dress. Since this dress is so short I undid a couple buttons on the bottom to create a long cape like shirt look. Pair it with some tasteful sliced leggings and booties for an edgy look. If you want to recreate this look with the sliced leggings, do not use ones that are sliced all the way up the leg, it will be too distracting. Try this out with your favorite summer dress.

Ballet to Street

For those who cannot wait, look for a sweater that is a loose knit to have breathability. This look is ballet to street inspired which is why the tights are ballet pink. If you would prefer not to make a statement with your tights grab a skin tone pair. The goal of the tights is to keep you warm in the evenings. I recommend you skip Target and snatch a pair from Capezio. Regular tights run easily, are thin and annoying. Ballet tights are higher quality, thicker, and come in versatile options. Options include Stirrup, transitional, footed and footless. Yes, they have various colors besides pink, multiple skin tones, black and even a fishnet style.

Overall Latte

Not ready to let go of those summer overalls? Turn them into a fall outfit by spicing it up with a cropped long sleeve shirt, nude tights, and boots. If you thought my legs were blurry in this photo it is really because of the shine of these Capezio skin tone tights.

Booting Leaves

This look is perhaps the simplest of the four however, who else loves their knee high fall boots! I pair my favorite boots with a summery look, the boots should keep you warm enough, but grab a jacket if you’re going out late with friends.

Comment down below, which outfit is your favorite?


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