5 Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

 AFTERNOON ERRANDS [Stripes] ♥ ∴ Shirt: Guess Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans: Express  Backpack: Smuckers  Shoes: Target (a.n.d. e a w y)  
♥  CASUAL DAY [Sporty]  Sweater: dELIA*s   Tank Top: Hanes Jeans: Express  Shoes: Chuck Taylor II 
♥  SEMICASUAL OUTING [Stripes] ♥ ∴ Dress: Material Girl  Belt: Windsor∴ Jeans: ExpressBackpack: Sherpani SonomaShoes: Charlotte russe 
  SEMIDRESSY OUTING [Preppy♥ ∴ Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch  Belt: Macy’s Jeans: Express  Purse: Elliott Lucca  Shoes: Steve Madden 

 ♥  NIGHT OUT  ♥ ∴ Shirt: Guess  Jacket: Bebe ∴ Jeans: Express  Purse: BP. ∴ Shoes: Michael Kors  



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