Fall Favorites | Purse Edition

Prior to skipping out with this purse I had never experienced the backpack purse. It was my twenty second birthday, my mom and boyfriend had taken me shopping where I found the prettiest fall booties. The sales lady asked if I would like to receive a purse at a discounted rate for purchasing the booties. That is when I laid my eyes on my new obsession, the backpack purse. A few weeks ago my beloved bag’s zipper broke. I placed it off to the side and thought it was time to move on. 

That is when someone asked if I had tried taking it in to a leather shop to be repaired. Simple enough, I was shocked to find out that there was a little shop in my city that does repairs on leather shoes and accessories. I’ve passed by the shop literally thousands of times thinking it was just another shoe store. They fixed the zipper and even customized the straps so that the backpack was higher rather than bouncing off my butt. Short girl problems. ha.

I urge you to stop settling and find a purse you like to customize into your favorite purse. I used to pass up so many beautiful bags because the straps were simply too long, never wanting to fuss with it. I thought a repair shop would be way too expensive but it turned out to be quite reasonable, about $30. I had them take off about three inches from the backpack and two feet off of a shoulder purse. Yes, feet! Comment down below if you have issues with purses being too long or too short, I’m curious now. I know I am short at 5’ 2” but do not consider myself as drastically short. Ha.

First Place

Above, backpack purse by Steve Madden. I love it’s classic sporty design, plus it fits everything I need. You can even fit a small water bottle in it which is a must have quality for me. Inside it is a bucket style with a small zipper pocket for essential items. It has been two years so Steve Madden no longer sells this exact one, however, they always seem to have a lot of cute options.

First Runner Up


When my favorite backpack purse was out of commission I fell towards this purse. This one is by Elliott Lucca, it is small yet pocketful. HA. Seriously though this purse has so many pockets, yet it is somewhat small. A main zipper pocket, one inside zipper pocket, two inside compartments to organize your essentials, two side zipper pockets, and one front pocket. The front pocket is large enough to hold my phone. The chain strap and obviously the pockets are my favorite part of this purse. Perfect for date night or errands. 

Second Runner Up


Alright so this one is stylish, it has the fringe detail, gold detailing a classic. The reason this one is only third is because I have yet to give it a chance to reach its full potential. I did have this purse altered. The original strap hit me below the knee. Who is that tall, seriously Nordstrom! It is from Nordstrom as part of their BP line.


Inside it has this pretty chevron pattern for every pocket. One main zipper compartment, two outside small zipper pockets, one shown and one on the back), and one inside zipper pocket. Overall, a versatile bag that can hold almost anything.

Yes, all of my favorite purses are black this season, well most seasons they are black too. I tend to gravitate towards more classic pieces rather than bold trendy ones that fall out of style after one season. I would much rather invest in pieces that I can use year after year.

What is your favorite purse and why?

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