Disneyland | Apparel & Snacks Haul

So… I may be obsessed with Disney merch because I have another haul from Disneyland. What can I say, I love the company and one day hope to design merchandise for them. Alright onto the haul, these are a few bits that I picked up recently to add to my collection.


Last summer I received the kids version of this shirt since they were sold out of the adult one. The children’s shirt fits well, it is just a different design. Since I suffer with anxiety Rex suits me well. ha. Pro Disney tip though, if you fit in the children’s sizes at the park they are a lot cheaper. Sometimes they even have the exact same design!


Lately I have been loving white, this sweatshirt seemed perfect as the sleeves are a mixed grey which will prevent me from being overly paranoid of it getting dirty. The sketch design is beautiful too! To view the front of this sweatshirt look at the featured image at the top if you are reading on the website, those on email you will need to click to head over to the site.


Yummy in my tummbly, I love Pooh bear and just like him my tummy loves SNACKS! These Minnie’s Sweet graham cookies are my new favorite snack from the park and best graham cookie I’ve ever tasted. I know you’ve seen the Cinderella bow before but I also got the Ariel version! Love these new light up bows, they bring a touch of fun to any hairdo.

What is your favorite Disneyland Park snack?

XOXO Faith

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