Be My, Be My Valentine | Date Ideas

It’s that time again, Valentine’s Day… ugh! Anyone else with me? It feels like no matter what it is never good enough on this day. I feel as if Valentine’s Day does more harm than good but from one romantic to another here are my romantic date ideas. Whether you prefer to avoid the lines and save some cash or not I have ideas for both.

At Home:

  1. Redbox + Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Don’t forget to reserve your Redbox ahead of time and order those strawberries prior.
  2. Dinner for Pick Up + Candles + Romantic Music: Plate your to go dinner to create a romantic atmosphere. Keep it classy. ha.
  3. Homemade Dinner + Candles + Romantic Music: I assume you could take credit for the take out but let’s not show love with lies ya’ll. Perhaps a full on dinner seem too daunting, instead try making dessert to show a more personal touch.
  4. Dance with String lights: Whether your date starts with dinner or not switch things up with a romantic d.i.y. Hang some string lights in the living room, bedroom, where  the largest space is turn off the house lights and dance to the “stars”.
  5. Massage for Two: Everyone likes to relax especially after a long day of work. Treat each other with massages. Pick up some lotion, body oil, perhaps some fun or relaxing music too.

Out on the Town

  1. Sit Down Dinner + A Movie: Pick up the phone and make a reservation, trust me. Valentine’s Day EVERYONE goes out, don’t waste your evening waiting for a table. Try to pick a theater that provides reserved seating to avoid rushing and more waiting.
  2. Valentine Event: Many places do Valentine’s dinners with a live band, dancing, etc. Check out what events are happening in your home town. Tickets can be a bit pricey so beware.
  3. Adventure: Some couples would prefer to go out and cross something off their bucket list, for instance sky diving. Not me but power to you adrenaline junkies.
  4. Bike Ride: Ride over to dinner or just go out and people watch around town.
  5. Starry Night Walk + Picnic: Pack up some snacks or dinner, a blanket and a small lantern. Watch the stars together and talk about the future.
What are your Valentines Day plans?
Do you prefer to stay in or go out on the town?

My plans… hmm… well to be honest I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day so I prefer to stay in. Maybe have some dinner, watch a Redbox and call it a night. ha. I know lame but you are competing for a romantic evening with millions of other couples, not to mention it is a Thursday. I am more looking forward to February 15th, candy is on sale, chocolate strawberries are available at an affordable price. Depending on the day perhaps I will film a vlog to show you what we actually end up doing.





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