Anxiety Fidget Tools

Push, pop, click, the time is approaching for things to open up, restrictions to be lifted and tensions to continue to rise. The anxiety is still in the air to make these next steps and if you are a part of the worry wart club. Welcome, here are a few tools to reduce these feelings plus there pretty fun even if you’re not stressed too. All of these tools work by altering your chain of thought in various ways such as texture, pressure and aroma. 

Perhaps the most popular item is a push pop bubble popper. Simply put it is exactly what it sounds like. Those who’ve never seen them may ask if it is a silicone ice cube tray but the main difference is they are double sided. If you work in customer service in an office setting this will be your new best friend as it can relieve tension of an aggravating phone call or coworkers.
Not convinced… have you seen all the cute designs. That alone is a selling point for multifunctional decor. Where to find them is a little tricky since they are so popular right now. The one place that I had the most luck was the flea market, they were at practically every seller’s booth in an array of sizes, shapes and colors. I picked this one up from Amazon only because the only dinosaur push pop bubble popper they were selling at the market was rainbow colored. However, I do wish that I would have picked some up at the market to put everywhere as well as gift to some people too. They can be found in stores however, they are hard to find in stock. Target seems to be pretty sold selling them in their board games section, however, a plain yellow circle pop it is not for everyone. Choose one that also makes you smile.   
Looking for something more compact try Scentsory Putty by Crazy Aarons , it brings back the days of playing with Playdough in an elevated way. There are a variety to choose from, however, I prefer the scented collection. All of these ones are crafted with actual essential oils so their benefits also align. In the video below you will see the types that I have acquired as well as how they handle. Stick it in your purse, play with it in the car or anywhere nerves strike. 
  In spite of me already creating an essential oils post I felt it was necessary to include all the different ways that you can use oils on a daily basis depending on your situation. Diffusing is popular for whenever you want a calming space in the home. I first tried oil while my family was traveling to and from the hospital. It was the only way I could face the elevator. Now I carry a roller in my bag at all times just in case I feel a panic attack coming on or am entering a situation that usually causes them. If you do not want to purchase a formulated roller and want to make your own they also make tubes that are to simply smell the aroma on the go whenever you need it too. 
Watch below to see all the exact items I use.

Have you tried any of these anxiety tools? 

XOXO Faith

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